Friday, August 6, 2010


Welcome to the end of the
Welcome to feelings

Welcome to all the
Welcome to the day of
your future.

to the start of your lives
the growth of your minds.
When they break you down
and pull you up again.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Okay guyses.
SO all this week, I've been getting up at 7 to go to color gaurd camp.
We got to leave at 12 for lunch and come back at 1:30.
That's pretty pimp, eh????
Well, I was super excited for band camp, because I'm a freshman and we get to wear these boards that say so.
But I have an infected toe nail.
Actually two.
And Monday(the first day of band camp) at  dark o'clock in the morning, I get to go have surgery to get them removed.
And spend the rest of the day coming of my anesthetics and being loopy.
I hate being loopy. I was nearly once when I had the swine flu. I had to take nighttime tamaflu.... Ugh, I couldn't think straight. I hate the feeling. Sugar highs are different. You know what you're thinking. It's fun. Loopy, not so much.
SO yeah, I'm not supposed to be on my feet for a couple of weeks, which is the weeks I need to get ready for the band show.
So, Tuesday, I'm waking up at 7 to go up to the high school and film what I need to film.
And see the band attempt to jazz run. Or as I like to call it for those who speak french "poluet marche" meaning chicken walk, though I would like it to mean Chicken RUNNNN.
lol, cause we look like chickens until you get it right.
OKay, so talk to me and such while I'm my butt recovering!!!
Luv yah!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Didn't we just finish this, babe? LUVRANT

Okay, all year, I've been helping you with HIM, the pig. Helping you with your "love"" for HIM, with what HE did to you, how HE felt about you.
He never called you back.
You cried, don'y you remember that? You were soooo heartbroken when he moved on.
1 month later, you moved on.
A NEW HIM. HE doesn't even live in the same state as you! You have to keep HIM a secret from one of your best friends! I know I failed you in more ways then one, but listen to me! It's kind of obvious in the way HE talked to you that he was into you! I'm not into HIM, so why must you tell HIM I'm lesbian?! I"M NEVER GOING TO TALK TO AGAIN.
I was really happy when you listened to me and broke up with him. Its better not to have a relationship where you lie. What if HE broke your heart? I don't want that happening again to you.
And now, 2 weeks later? You've moved on AGAIN! I'm feeling like you're a boy attention WHORE and I hate it. I hate what you've become. You used to be able to keep your head on straight. But now that your a 'half-virgin' you're all over the place.
Okay, since you don't want my help anymore, DON'T YOU DARE come crying to me when he breaks you're heart and tell me I can't say "I told you so"
Because I did.
Or, just stop talking to me, stop telling me anything. Sure, I'll miss you, but I have other friends too. I'm sick of your fights with her about being friends with me, I'm sick of you repeating the same pattern over and over again with different guys.
Remember when you could relate to Save Your Heart? WHY DON'T YOU SAVE YOUR HEART THEN?! Not every boy you like is the one.
He could be a jerk too.
And I no I have no experience, but watch. I'm saving my heart. So when I get a relationship and I feel some way about some guy, it'll be okay. And I'll bet you I'll marry him. And I won't need advice.
So don't listen, don't tell.
Do it yourself.


Okay guyses!
I've been at my dad's, two times zones away, for three weeks, and I've been fairly bored out of my mind. But it's been fun sometimes XD
But I'm actually pretty happy to go home b/c I'm dyeing my hair red and I get to hav a parthay!
short post,

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I wanted to write a note on facebook in french and english, but I didn't know what to write. So I started writing this and it turned out pretty GOOD! I called it Institution at first, then Hospital, but I think Mental works best because all the issues in this crazy mixed up place we call the world is mental.
So, here goes it...

by: Skate Zedley

I wonder what it feels like
to be alive.
So many different places
I would drive
In this beautiful world.

In my mind,
I'm happier than anyone
in real life
But on the outside
I look like
I want to die.
What happened to this beautiful world?

And I'm labeled;
Shoved into a box
For everyone to sit and watch
Don't wanna be afraid of the sun,
But don't wanna be like anyone!

From those who mock
my smiling face inside
my puny block.
I wanna be who I really am,
Can't be but what they say I can!

What Happened
To this beautiful word?
What happened to
How freedom used to be so free?
My life,
Hiding inside of me.
How things used to be.

Thank you thank you!
I'm really proud of it, and its a WIP aka Work In Progress

Comment on what you think!
Luv yah!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

World of Warcraft!

Okay, so 3 days ago I got into W.O.W, aka World of Warcraft. How you ask?
Well, I've played before but I sucked seeing as I had no idea who or what I was doing. Then my friend Sky got into it as a Night Elf(Alliance, otherwise, I would've been a Horde :D Which I have a Unded character now...but I'll get to that in a minute) named Skyraptor. She's druid, level 16. And kindof a show off, but not the point.
Anywho, she convinced me to make a free trail account, which I have now done. On the first night I stayed up until 4 playing and leveling. 2nd night, one o'clock, and now I'm still up. it's really a lot of fun, so add me as a friend!
Desmondona, Lv 6, Night Elf
Maylark, Lv 5, Human
Rawmeat, Lv 1, Undead

So yeah, add me! We'll quest together sometime!

Other News:
I saw The Last Airbender last night. I was superrrr excited because I loved the series and was hoping it was the same.
But not only did it have bad acting, A bad job on Zuko's scar, and lack of story line, The amazing part at the end of the first book:water, THEY DIDN'T HAVE THE AWESOME WATER MONSTER AANG TURNS INTO!!!
And they call him ong, Soka So-ka, and Iro Ih-row.
I am soooo disappointed!

Oh wellz. Life's not all you make it out to be sometimes. You build a bridge and play so WOW to get over it :P lol.

Yeah, so I'm so0per excited to go back home, but I'll be sad to leave my dad. :( But at least I'l have my bday and A Paramore concert coming up!!!

Luv Yah

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New friends, Old Friends, and Frozen Bras

mmk, so today, my youth group did an outreach thing. I was doing facepainting for the little kids. So, around when we left, I started a paint war. After me and my friends, Jamiee* and Crystal*, attack this guy with paint, he started talking about kid shows that are awesome that he watched. And I happened to love ALL OF THEM! It was so cool! And then, we started talking about Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, and it got kinda quiet and then we both said. "It's hot in toeeepeeekkaaaa"
The best line EVER from the series.
At the same time.
I think I'm going to have a new best friend soooonnnnn! Hahahaha, lolz.
So, now I'm at my friend Jenna's* house with Jamiee, Crystal, Lisa*, and Rose*. First one to fall asleep gets attacked with lipstick and such. >:D
Truth or Dare is going to be funnnnnn.......
With minds like ours, nothing EVER gets boring!
Okay, So I love the world and God. And the world is officially being nicce to me again!

Love yah!